Progressive Chart

Highly functional charts running on HTML5 base.

While running in a browser, it offers charting functionality and performance that exceeds that of native apps. performance than native applications.

A single source can be used for various devices, browsers, and financial instruments.

Autocruise (System Trading Tool)

System trading is easy by simply selecting the strategy that best suits your objectives from among 3,000 preset strategies (trading methods using technical analysis).

Parameter values used in the provided strategies are regularly optimized, so you can always use the strategy that best fits the market.

No programming knowledge is required, and users can create their own original strategies.


We offer a new trading channel that integrates social networking, investment information services, and trading.

Alerts using the Push notification function and various information necessary for investment are displayed on LINE Talk.

  • Alerts : Trading Signal Alerts, Rate Alerts, Economic Indicators, etc.
  • Investment information : exchange rates (automatically updated), stock quotes, charts, news, economic indicators, etc.