Utilizing our experience in finance and games, we can make optimal proposals that will not only be easy to use in the world of mobile services, where needs are constantly changing, but also add to the user experience such as touch and enjoyment. ..
Based on the experience and achievements cultivated in game development on PC and mobile device, we develop original applications that utilize the functions, interfaces operations unique to smartphones. In addition, we are aiming for an application that is not only usable but is conscious of security and response speed.
We also have the proficiency to help you migrate to AWS. MIT, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting partner, can help you achieve your technology goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services and innovation that the AWS platform provides.
We always aim for applications that can be used continuously. Based on our design experience in a wide range of genres, we will propose abundant functions, ease of use, and UI / UX design that responds to the ever-changing trends while complying with each platform guideline.
Mobile App TEST
Based on the test know-how cultivated in financial applications for more than a decade, we perform test design linked with development from the upstream process to reduce quality risk, and by conducting tests not only from the viewpoint of natural quality but also from the viewpoint of usability. It also contributes to attractive quality.
Utilizing mobile development know-how and cloud technology
We help our customers accelerate their digital transformation (dX) promotion.