The first VR trading application in the financial industry!

Simply attach VR goggles to your smartphone and the 360° space becomes a trader room.

You can place orders, make settlements, and operate various panels by aligning your eyes with the UI in the space.

You can also customize your own view of price movements, charts, and economic indicators of the currency pairs you want to see at any time.

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Order and settle with eye contact.
multiple panels are displayed in 360° for a professional trader’s experience.
A beautiful secretary supports you with voice-activated navigation.

On A Good Day, Good Departure KYOTO

Tour the city of Kyoto with an illustrated map!

Combining a clean and easy-to-read illustrated map with a walking navigation function, this mobile sightseeing application specializes in information on Kyoto.

It is full of features such as seasonal event and highlight information, and voice guidance that plays when approaching a point. The map and information are illustrated for each of the four seasons, so you can switch between the four seasons and enjoy the information.

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Tap an illustration or facility on the map to view facility details and event information.
Travel distance and time can be found in your travel plan. Create your own Kyoto travel plan and tour around Kyoto!

GARO – Labyrinth of Demon Commandments –

A smartphone action game of a popular tokusatsu work!

The industry’s first pinball-style action game based on the popular special effects series “GARO,” directed by Keita Amemiya, is born.

While faithfully reproducing the world of the original work, the game features an original storyline with crossover elements from multiple series.

ⓒ2016 Keita Amamiya / TOHOKUSHINSHA MEDIA SERVICE INC. / AIUEO Kan / Mobile Internet Technology

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Angel’s FX

A game application for learning FX in a fun way!

A game application that makes learning FX easy and fun with a cute angel.

Using popular voice actors and painters, we handle not only the development of the application, but also the planning and operation of promotions throughout the entire character content.

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Easy to use and easy to understand FX. UI with high affinity for game users
HOWTOs and tutorials to help beginners become interested in Forex.