In 2009, MIT developed an application that was highly rated by major Forex brokers and internet securities brokers, securing market domination in Japan.

These applications embody the know-how we have accumulated through our work developing reliable financial trading applications for cell phones.


Entertainment – From Art to Science –

Scientific approaches in the Game Software Industry are becoming increasingly essential both for technology development as well as business operations. (For example, traditional business methods such as package software sales are quickly becoming obsolete.)

We believe that it is essential for survival that the entire developer industry, amateur developers included, take into account not only development techniques learned from gaming but also the new “touch” user interface, cross platform development, communication transport and social network-related issues, game sales methodologies, and business management.

MIT is well positioned to meet the changing dynamics and diversity of development demands, by integrating game software development, planning and design, sound creation, social network commerce and quality verification.



New Technology, New Applications

In the world of smartphones, new applications utilizing “touch” UI, various sensors, voice recognition and other ever-changing technologies are constantly being created. New possible uses include information retrieval through speech and location data, sports and healthcare data tracking and home electronics remote control.

MIT is exploring original product planning utilizing these new technologies and their applications.

The Next Challenge – MIT Original innovations

Serving both business and consumer markets, MIT combines new technologies and features into our original software products.

Location Information

Combining map information with unique smartphone functionalities, MIT created a new application that links together maps, illustrations and tourist information.

Original UI

MIT is constantly developing original user interfaces that focus on stress-free visibility and operability, which are critical to application ease of use.


By recognizing the immediate situation of the smartphone user and applying new technology it is now possible to provide useful information based on time, place and occasion.

MIT developed one application which notifies Forex traders of currency rates, and another that puts online product prices on a watch list, informing users once conditions fit predefined qualifications. We are vigorously continuing research and development in this area.